NAB Names DTV Transition Team


The NAB has hired three new staffers to help Jonathan Collegio, its new VP, digital transition, to head a national awareness campaign.

The government has only set aside $5 million for an awareness campaign.  John Kneuer, head of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, said the industry would have to help out and NAB saying it had a plan to assist.  

The new transition team has a lofty goal. According to NAB President David Rehr the goal is to make sure that the public gets educated about the switch so that "no TV set goes dark on February 18, 2009."

Collegio, who came aboard late last year, is the former press secretary to the Republican Congressional Committee. He also has some TV experience, having worked for a year as associate producer for cable net News 12 New Jersey.

Helping balance the Republican chops of Collegio will be Myra Dandridge, director of public affairs, who was communications director of the Congressional Black Caucus and a Florida press secretary in the Kerry-Edwards campaign. Also on board will be Lale Mamaux, director of external relations, who is former communications director for Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) and also a former Florida press secretary for the Kerry-Edwards bid. Rounding out the group will be Hermaze Ingram, director of media relations, who had been with Discovery Education .