NAB: Harris Partners With Active Circle For Archiving

Integrated solution designed to streamline workflows

Harris Corporation and Active Circle have inked a worldwide OEM agreement, or Original Equipment Manufacturer agreement that will allow Harris will incorporate Active Circle storage and archive technology within its Invenio Motion media asset management product line.

The integration will help create more efficient workflows by providing a solution that complements Harris' broadcast automation and media asset management solutions so that users can search, retrieve, preview and restore all content, whether it resides online on disk or offline in a tape library. The solution is also designed to be easily expandable for larger operations, the companies argue.

"The modularity of Active Circle technology makes it possible for Harris to build everything from entry-level to large-scale systems -- while also providing complete solutions to our customers that expose all of their digital content," said Mark Darlow, product line manager, automation and digital asset management, Harris Broadcast Communications, in a statement.

"There are a number of entry-level solutions on the market that simply don't scale, and others that have very large solutions but cannot downscale," added Philippe Boyon, sales and marketing director for Active Circle, in a statement. That allows "Harris to use the same technology in different packages, making it suitable for small and large workflows."