NAB to FCC: Guard our signal


More than one-third of U.S. television sets receive a free over-the-air signal, which is why the FCC needs to work to protect the system, the NAB told the FCC on Tuesday.

According to an NAB filing, 81 million TV sets (out of an estimated 267 million) are not hooked up to cable or satellite and rely on a free over-the-air signal. In addition, 21% of all U.S. households rely on free TV; 41% receive only free TV on at least one TV set; 25% of all cable and satellite homes have at least one set that receives only free TV; and 24% and 32%, respectively, of African-American and Hispanic-American homes rely exclusively on free TV.

"NAB's comments demonstrate the considerable extent to which consumers still depend on over-the-air broadcast television signals for the delivery of video programming," NAB told the FCC. "Our comments also discuss how the development of new technologies, particularly interactive television, will expand opportunities for cable gatekeepers to disadvantage providers of competing video services and content." - Paige Albiniak