NAB Debuts DTV-Transition PSA

30-Second Spot Was Delivered to TV Stations Last Week

The National Association of Broadcasters Wednesday unveiled its first national digital-TV-transition public-service announcement.

That came in conjunction with a Federal Communications Commission-sponsored forum on the DTV transition.

The spot was delivered to stations last week as part of a broad education effort that includes a speakers’ bureau and a traveling road show.

Following is a transcript of the audio:

"Notice how digital's made pretty much everything better? Especially television. Digital TV's got better picture, better sound ,more channels -- in fact, digital's so much better that, by law, ALL broadcast TV has to be digital by 2009. But there's a catch: Some TVs need an upgrade to get digital. You could even lose your signal. Get the facts. Visit [] to learn about television's switch to digital. Or call this number to see how you can stay connected.”

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association already launched its national PSA campaign.