NAB Board Pushing Unanimous Rehr Pick


A source close to the vetting process for a successor to National Association of Broadcasters President Eddie Fritts says that the board Friday was still working on getting a unanimous vote for its candidate, David Rehr, head of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, (NBWA) with one member still not signed on.

Eddie Fritts, whose contract extends until April, remains atop the association he helped turn into a powerhouse.

Rehr is the kind of Republican, K-Street connected lobbyist that GOP leadership had been pushing to fill association vacancies, suggesting that the party's influence in the town was not reflected in the leadership of the lobbies that needed to work with them.

He is also described as energetic and a good fundraiser.

Rehr has been with the beer association since 2000, and in the mid-1990s was named one of the town's top lobbyists.

Although Sen. Ted Stevens, chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee, has been pushing hard for Disney lobbyist Mitch Rose, his former chief of staff, NAB leadership appears set on locking up Rehr ASAP, particularly since his name had also been mentioned to top the National Federation of Independent Business, where he was director of House governmental relations before joining joining NBWA .