NAB 2009: New Media Researcher To Give Keynote at NAB Convention

Mimi Ito to address association in April at Vegas luncheon

The National Association of Broadcasters has named media researcher Mimi Ito to keynote the technology luncheon at its annual convention April 22 in Las Vegas.

Ito, who combines scientific research and cultural anthropology, specializes in studying how people, particularly kids, use new media to interact. Her current focus is split between mobile media in Japan and new media in the U.S.

The pick of Ito comes as broadcasters will either be immersed in the new digital TV world or preparing to jump into the digital deep end, depending on whether or not Congress moves the DTV transition date to June, which is becoming increasingly more likely. It also comes as they get deeper into the online space and kick the tires on mobile delivery systems.

Ito is currently a research scientist at USC's Institute for Multimedia Literacy. Most recently she has been studying the literature on new media adoption in different countries and how new media is affecting learning in young people, part of work she is doing for the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Initiative, according to Ito.