NAB 2009: Fox Picks Ventuz For On-Air Graphics

3D graphics system will roll-out on Fox Sports Network

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Fox Network Operations & Engineering has chosen the Ventuz Technology Group for their 3D software graphics rendering engine for the Next Generation FoxBox project. The selection comes as Fox NE&O is working to upgrade their portable and fixed remote on-air graphics systems to real-time 3D.

The software will drive score graphics for Fox Sports Net and live sporting event clocks. Ventuz's graphic solutions will roll-out on FSN's regional networks across the country. Fox says the system will provide those networks with enhanced visual graphics and seamless workflow.

"The Ventuz software solution not only enables us to implement cutting edge technology in record-breaking time of less than two months, it also ensures that we build our customized 3D graphics applications on a real-time software based graphics engine that's open and flexible for our needs," said Steve Simonian, VP of software for FOX NE&O and project manager for the FoxBox project, in a statement."

Fox Sports Network is serving as a test space for Fox's graphic designs, with roll-out to other networks coming in the next few months.

Ventuz Technology delivers 3D graphics in real-time to companies throughout the broadcast and technology industries including Adidas, Microsoft, Panasonic, BBC, CBS, and Discovery Channel.