MySpace Planning Major Redesign

Social-Networking Site Will Also Add True HD Support, Full-Screen Mode to MySpaceTV

Social-networking site MySpace is planning a major redesign, including one for MySpaceTV, a video site that competes with the likes of YouTube and Hulu.

The new MySpaceTV will feature a fresh look, as well as true HD support and a full-screen mode. It will also have greater sharing options and an enhanced search ability. MySpace said the new player will have a more flexible advertising platform, allowing for pre- and post-roll video, ticker ads and companion banner ads.

The new player will go live next week, with embedded videos to receive the improvements shortly afterward.

MySpace’s home page will get the refresh June 18 -- a redesign that the company said has been in the works since December. MySpace will also totally revamp its site-navigation tools, with a greater emphasis on search and community.

The search engine is also getting a revamp, adding MySpaceTV to the categories list in an effort to drive users to that site. MySpace will also release an enhanced profile editor with new themes and styles, allowing for more complex personalization.

MySpace said that a major advertiser will have exclusive branding on the site for the launch day, June 18. On June 19, the site will go to its new template with regular advertising.