MyNetworkTV Announces Pickups

Network Bringing Back Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed , Adding Funniest Moments , Keeping Jail , Street Patrol

MyNetworkTV is bringing back Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed, which originally aired as a series of four specials on Fox in 1997-98.

The network picked up 13 one-hour episodes of the series, which will see “the masked magician” return to the small screen to reveal more secrets.

MyNetworkTV also picked up Funniest Moments, a show that will air some of life’s most outrageous and funny moments ever to be caught on tape.

And the network announced second season-pickups for Jail and Street Patrol from the producers of COPS.

The new and returning series will have the benefit of having a regular ratings generator around in the form of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, which will officially join the MyNetworkTV lineup Oct. 3.

The network will continue to program Thursday and Saturday nights in primetime with action-adventure and family-friendly films, including Men in Black II, Batman Returns and Napoleon Dynamite.