MyNetworkTV to Air DTV-Education PSAs

Network Tells Affiliates It Will Air Two Primetime Digital-TV-Education PSAs Per Week, Per Quarter

MyNetworkTV is informing affiliates that it plans to air at least two primetime digital-TV-education public-service announcements per week, per quarter. That's according to a memo to affiliates obtained by B&C.

The Federal Communications Commission recently agreed to allow broadcasters to choose between a government schedule of PSAs and other DTV-education efforts, including mandatory primetime PSAs or a National Association of Broadcasters plan that did not include PSAs in primetime.

The NAB argued that broadcasters were already airing primetime PSAs and would continue to do so without a government edict, but they wanted more flexibility to tailor the campaigns to their local markets.

MyNetworkTV, for one, said it will air the primetime PSAs. And technically, networks don't have to comply with either option since the FCC mandate only applies to stations, not networks.

"The NAB DTV enhanced public-education plan has been adopted by the FCC,” the network said in the memo. “In connection with your station’s obligation to air 16 spots per week in support of the digital-TV transition, MyNetworkTV is committed to airing two NAB DTV spots (in primetime) each week on average per quarter."

Ben Grossman contributed to this story.