Performs a Gift Intervention

Comedian Lizz Winstead to Host Original Web Series
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Trying to enliven its image with edgier fare, will launch Gift Intervention, a Web series that lets the recipients of bad gifts confront the gift-giver and ask the what in the world they were thinking. Comedian Lizz Winstead will host.

Really horrible gifts include a tabletop hockey game given by a husband to his wife and a wedding gift that consisted of one bookend and a ceramic pig that doubles as a chalkboard

On March 25, will premiere another Web series, Animal Tails, in which dogs and cats do their versions of classic movies including: When Hairy Met Shaggy (When Harry Met Sally), Casabarka (Casablanca), Catanic (Titanic), Kitty & Louise (Thelma & Louise), Ghosty (Ghost)and The Dogfather (The Godfather).

The network for women said its Web site attracts more than 2 million unique visitors per month and 38 million page views. It ventured into the original-Web-series business with That Magic Moment, in which real couples discussed the first time they had sex.