'My TV' Launches In Boston

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Sept. 26 was launch day for former Shamrock exec Diane Sutter's new local TV programming format at WZMY-TV (My TV) in Boston. The station was formerly known as WNDS.

As the owner of the only independent in the market, Sutter was looking to zig where others are zagging with a super-local station with a heavy dose of viewer input and a radio-like model of hosts coming in and out of most shows.

Viewers have also been recruited to record station IDs at the top of the hour.

“We're going to make this a station that is of, by and for the viewer,” Sutter told B&C's Allison Romano earlier in the summer, clearly hoping that it does not perish from the earth anytime soon.

At launch, the station schedule still looked on paper like a traditional independent, with mostly syndicated programming during the day and paid programming overnight. In July, Sutter said that "What this station looks like on day one may not be what it looks like on day 100 or day 300."

In part, that is because it will be getting viewer feedback on what they want to see and adding and adjusting shows to those viewer tastes.

Three My TV branded shows that debuted Monday were My New England (1 p.m.), a mix of advertiser-supplied vignettes and station-produced profiles; My TV NEWS NOW (7:30) a lifestyle-based newscast; and My TV PRIME..

Prime time will be talk time at the station. Ellen DeGeneres' syndicated talker is getting a choice time slot--8 p.m., up from 4 p.m. in the old WNDS format, leading into the live, call-in TV talk show, My TV PRIME.

Next on the original programing front will likely be a roll-your-own video show, where viewer-produced music videos or other content will be showcased.

One of the temporary casualties of the new format is a hyper-local staple of indie stations gone by: a 'candlepin' ('duckpin' in other areas) bowling show. But the station plans to bring it back after jazzing up the formerly all-male competition with women and kids.--Allison Romano contributed to this report.