Murdoch talks up Telepiu


News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch devoted most of his presentation at
Tuesday's Goldman Sachs & Co. Communicopia media conference highlighting the
potential of an Italian satellite-TV service, Telepiu, which the company has
just agreed to buy from Vivendi Universal.

But when asked about his U.S.
satellite-TV strategy, Murdoch insisted that he didn't have one.

'We closed the book on it,' he said, when News Corp. lost out to EchoStar
Communications Corp. in a bid for DirecTV Inc.

And if that deal falls through or gets killed by government regulators? If
General Motors Corp. comes knocking on his door, Murdoch said, 'We'd look at it
very, very carefully, even more carefully then before.'

But he positively ruled out starting up a U.S. satellite service from
scratch. 'That makes no sense at all,' he added.