Murdoch answers McCain on DirecTV


News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch is defending his company's bid for DirecTV in response to remarks by Sen. John McCain (R. - Ariz.) last week.

In comments released in advance of a taped interview on CNBC Monday night, Murdoch said, "We'll still be a minnow compared to AOL Time Warner." He also said he conveyed that sentiment to McCain in a conversation last week in which he says McCain told him he has formed no view about the acquisition. McCain was quoted in the Financial Times last week calling the News Corp.-DirecTV deal, "a potential consolidation of power not seen since William Randolph Hearst."

Murdoch also said he misses having a more active Ted Turner to contend with. "He's got great energy, he's got ideas - not many that I would agree with," Murdoch said.
- Richard Tedesco