Mullally’s Comic Strip


While all the attention around NBC’s Thursday shakeup centered on My Name Is Earl’s coming and Joey’s going, the move also injects a level of salacious humor at 8 p.m. when Will & Grace kicks off the night. The show’s co-star, Megan Mullally, says not to expect any reprieve from the show’s usual barrage of sexually charged laughs.

“It’s going to be the dirtiest show ever on at 8:00 on a network, that is one thing I can say for sure,” she says. “It’s not like they are cleaning it up for 8:00, you can be assured.”

Mullally says she wasn’t shocked when the network decided to bench Joey and slide Grace up to lead off NBC’s return to a two-hour comedy block. “We had heard some rumblings, but I felt bad because I sure do like Matt LeBlanc,” she says. “I’m just really glad that they are moving Earl and The Office over there. I think that’s a great two-hour bunch of shows.”

Mullally is also focusing on her syndicated daytime talk show, scheduled to launch next fall from NBC U Television Distribution. And staying true to her Will & Grace character, she has a plan for setting her new talker apart, à la Ellen DeGeneres’ dancing.

“I’m going to strip,” Mullally purrs.