Mucha ado


ABC has reached to the highest echelons of New York state politics for a new head spinmeister- Zenia Mucha, 43, a key adviser to Gov. George Pataki. And according to press reports, she is one tough (and highly influential) cookie. "She barks. She bites," led a New York Times
profile in the wake of her departure, which was disclosed on Dec. 18. Calls to Mucha to determine which is worse, her bark or bite, weren't returned by deadline.

Mucha joins ABC as senior vice president, communications for the ABC broadcast group and the ABC television network, replacing Patricia Matson, a 22-year ABC veteran, who will remain with the company in an advisory role for at least two years. Mucha will be based in Los Angeles.

Although frequently adversarial, Mucha told The Times
she's fond of television-it taught her how to speak English after she emigrated from Poland at the age of 9.