MTV: Total Vote Live


MTV: Music Television has set its Election Eve and Day coverage.

On Election Eve (Nov. 1), the music network will air a 30-minute campaign news special from its Times Square studio. Celebs including the governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards and P. Diddy will put in taped and live appearances to rally viewers to vote.

The show will be hosted by MTV News correspondents John Norris and Gideon Yago and will include packages about issues affecting young voters. It will re-air throughout the evening.

On Election Day, the network’s daily video countdown Total Request Live will feature voting reports from MTV correspondents stationed around the country- Gideon Yago in Cleveland, SuChin Pak in Philadelphia, Sway Calloway in Miami, and guest correspondent David Banner in Mississippi.

The channel will go live with its coverage at 11 p.m. with reports from Yago at Kerry’s Boston headquarters and Pak at Bush’s D.C. headquarters.

MTV began its “Choose or Lose” campaign in January with the goal of getting 20 million 18-30-year-olds to vote.

Nearly 18 million people in the age bracket voted in 2000, according to the network.