MTV Says PTC Is Off Base


MTV was taking issue Friday with a Parents Television Council study suggesting its programming was filled with inappropriate language that wasn’t being identified with an L warning in its content ratings.

"The report is wrong," said MTV. "We do use descriptors when warranted and we don’t air vulgar language," said Jeannie Kedas, MTV spokeswoman.

Brent Bozell’s Parents Television Council had the day before released a six-month study (January-June 2005) of 136 episodes of shows including lots of Real World, Making the Band, award shows and specials.

PTC said the expletives flew at the rate of "one every three minutes with no language warnings to parents," adding "[This] shows that the cable industry’s $250 million dollar campaign to promote reliance on the V-chip and ratings system is a complete sham."

PTC is concerned about F-words and others that, though bleeped, are still obvious, as well as language it finds offensive that it claims goes unbleeped.