MTV Revs Up Engine Room

MTV, mtvU, Hewlett-Packard team up on multiplatform series.

MTV, mtvU and Hewlett-Packard collaborated to create a new multiplatform series, Engine Room, a competition that brings teams of digital artists from Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America to compete for a $400,000 prize, control of MTVs HD screen in Times Square for a night and additional technology prizes.

Contestants will undergo weekly challenges set to test their creativity in digital-art skills, which will include animation, filmmaking, sound mixing and Web and graphic design.

Engine Room will allow audiences to become part of the creative process by interacting with the teams online, enhancing the show’s multiplatform opportunities.

“MTV has always been a home for creative innovation,” mtvU senior vice president of programming Ross Martin said in a statement. “Engine Room taps the power of H-P technology to enable the next generation of digital artists to bring their vision to life on MTV platforms around the world.”