MTV Christens MTV Tres


MTV’s new English-Spanish-language hybrid channel will be called MTV Tres, the company announced today. Slated for a fourth quarter launch, MTV Tres will combine broadcast with cable and satellite carriage to try to reach its young Latino target audience.

Targeting the fast-growing 12- to 34-year-old bicultural Latino community in the U.S., the network will program in English, Spanish and a combination of both, depending on the subject of the program. It will launch with mainly music videos – focused on pop, urban and rock – and then evolve to news and lifestyle programming.

“The Hispanic youth audience is not only leading the most important demographic changes in this country, they’re also heavily influencing the pop-culture landscape, yet in our opinion they were underserved in terms of their entertainment options,” said MTV President Christina Norman. “MTV Tres will be a place young Latinos will be able to see themselves authentically represented and a place of exploration for those who are interested and intrigued by Latin music and culture.”

MTV Tres will combine the 13 million homes that now receive MTV Español (which will take on the MTV Tres name) as well as broadcast carriage from Mas Musica, a small broadcast network MTV parent Viacom bought earlier this year, and other broadcast outlets.

“Our goal is to reach critical Hispanic mass and the only way to effectively do that is to have broadcast as part of the strategy as well,” said Lucia Ballas-Traynor, the General Manager of MTV Español who will now work in the same capacity for MTV Tres.

MTV Tres will both hire new executives and draw upon those already working within MTV. Once it gains distribution for the linear channel, MTV is eyeing video-on-demand, broadband and mobile spin-offs for the new network.