MTV Adopts Neopets


MTV Networks has acquired Internet youth community and its owner NeoPets, Inc.

More than 25 million members use the site to create and tend to “virtual pets” who live in a made-up land called “Neopia.” The site generates more than five billion page views each month, according to MTV.

MTV will likely use with existing to target kids, although it reports more than 60 percent of NeoPets users are over 13. MTV is also eyeing the site’s 50 animated characters for consumer products and animated movie possibilites.

NeoPets will continued to be managed from Glendale, CA by its current Chairman and CEO Doug C. Dohring, who will report to Nickelodeon Film and Enterprises President Jeffrey Dunn.

The web site has grown from 90,000 members in April 2000 to more than 25 million last month. Members use the site for e-mail, games, contests, networking and writing, among other things.

While Nickelodeon Networks spokesman Dan Martinsen said the site could serve as a "great character laboratory" for possible future TV shows, that at Neopets show is not in the short-term plans.

And don't look for Nick characters to start migrating over to Neopets. Martinsen says the company sees the site as a great complement to, and with consumer product possibilities yet to be tapped, but does not plan any cross-polinization of characters.