MSTV Turns Up Volume

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The Association For Maxiumum Service Television was putting out the word Tuesday that anyone interested in developing an NAB/MSTV-friendly digital-to-analog converter box can get a copy of the RFQ (request for quote) by e-mailing (that's Victor Tawil, SVP, technology, for MSTV).

Last week, MSTV and the National Association of Broadcasters announced the RFQ, saying that they wanted to make sure that consumer electronics companies consider quality as well as low cost in building the boxes for their over-the-air viewers..

Congress is considering how and whether to subsidize millions of the boxes for analog-only constituents who could be left out in the snow-electronic, that is--when the plug is pulled on analog, perhaps as early as Jan. 1, 2009.

The Consumer Electronics Association has countered that the suggestion it needed NAB/MSTV oversight to insure quality converter boxes was "ridiculous."