MSTV pushes for broadcast labs


Broadcasters should launch a research arm modeled on Cable Television Laboratories Inc. to develop new
digital services, Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV) president David Donovan said

In a speech to the annual meeting of the Advanced Television Systems
Committee, Donovan said broadcasters must continually create new services to
remain competitive. "Competition will be defined by the services that can be
developed," he said.

Rather than sticking solely to a model of offering free, over-the-air video,
Donovan said, broadcasters should think of themselves as multifaceted
"facilities-based competitors" to cable,
satellite or Internet services.

Donovan went on to say that broadcasters should not relinquish their
commitment to free, universal delivery of traditional television. Broadcast
service to all "is a key element in the fabric of this nation," he added.

MSTV is expected to pitch its plan for a broadcast lab to the National
Association of Broadcasters in the next couple of weeks.