Moyers Weighs In On Net Neutrality


With the network neutrality battle being waged among large-walleted lobbyists for big computer and media companies, "Big Media" critic Bill Moyers will tackle the subject in the final installment of his Moyers on America series of specials on PBS.

The Oct. 18,9 p.m., 90-minute special is meant to raise the issue's profile with the general, says a spokesperson for producing station WNET (it couldn't get much higher inside the Beltway). "While attention to the issue is low, the stakes are high with no less than the public and private sectors access to the Internet is being threatened," said the release announcing the show.

Moyers has been one of media consolidation's most outspoken critics, likening the battle against it by activists to a second American revolution.

The show's take on network neutrality would appear to align with that general philosophy, given this excerpt from WNET's description of it:

"Big corporations are lobbying Washington to turn the gateway to the Web into a toll road. Yet the public knows little about what's happening behind closed doors where the future of democracy's newest forum is being decided.If a few mega media giants own the content and control the delivery of radio, television, telephone services and the Internet, they'll make a killing and citizens will pay for it."