Moyers to Say ‘Later’ to Now


Bill Moyers will exit his PBS show, Now With Bill Moyers, at the end of the year, scaling back his duties beginning in June.

David Brancaccio, former host and senior editor of public radio’s Marketplace, has been co-hosting Now for several months, will continue in that role and is apparently being groomed to host the show after Moyers’ departure.


is on a year-to-year contract and PBS is currently in negotiations with show Producer John Siceloff on a renewal. PBS President Pat Mitchell is said to be committed to the show.

Moyers is pulling something of a Barbara Walters, with PBS expecting him to continue the relationship through specials.

Moyers, who turns 70 in June, had planned to retire four years ago, but after Sept. 11 he began a nightly interview program that morphed into Now, now in its third season.

Moyers made it clear that it was a retirement, saying he would concentrate on writing a book about his former boss, Lyndon Johnson. Moyers and PBS have been the targets of increasing criticism from Washington Republicans for what they see as his show’s liberal advocacy.

Moyers declined to be interviewed, with a spokesman saying he was busy shooting his show. Moyers did say in a statement that: "I learned a long time ago that there is a season for everything. My ‘season’ in public broadcasting has lasted 32 years. It’s finally time to move on to some other pursuits that I want to accomplish while there are still enough grains of sand in the top of the hourglass."