Moyers Hammers Media 'Caesars'


Just a few days before the Oct. 18 airing of his PBS documentary, The Net At Risk, looking at the debate over network neutrality, Bill Moyers posted a blog item with co-author Scott Fogdall of Films Media Group that paints big media companies as Caesars poised to annex the Internet.

"Already, the notion of a level playing field—what’s called network neutrality—is under siege," the authors write, "by powerful forces trying to tilt the field to their advantage."

Who is behind it? "The Bush majority on the FCC has bowed to the interests of the big cable and telephone companies to strip away, or undo, the Internet’s basic DNA of openness and non-discrimination," they say, referring to its decision to reclassify the Internet as an information service free of access requirements placed on telecommunications services.

Moyers has been one of the media's most outspoken critics of media consolidation, saying the forces fighting it are waging a second American revolution.

Appropriately, the blog item is on, whose writings helped foment that revolution.