More yawn than yippee! for CBS


After one month on the air, the morning has yet to become electric for

The new Early Show anchor team hasn't had much effect on the ratings
either way.

After four weeks (Oct. 28 through Nov. 22), the show is still third and hovering at a
2.1 rating/8 share of audience, according to Nielsen Media Research which translates to about 2.6 million viewers --
about what it has been doing all season.

The competition, though, is basically flat, as well.

For the same period, NBC's Today still leads with an average 5.1/19
(6.4 million viewers), and ABC's Good Morning America is at a 3.8/14 (4.7
million viewers).

Not surprisingly, CBS can put a positive spin on the

Early-morning viewing habits, a CBS booster noted, are deeply engrained and
tend to change very slowly, so the show's overhaul was a big change that risked
alienating current viewers.

But the revamp hasn't done that, at least.