More TV journalists die


The Radio-Television News Directors Association meeting in Las Vegas
Monday passed a resolution honoring NBC war correspondent David Bloom and the
other journalists who have been killed in the conflict.

Bloom, 39, died over the weekend of a pulmonary embolism.

The meeting opened with a moment of silence, followed by a unanimous voice
vote on the resolution, which noted Bloom's service to his network and to his
profession and further noted the risks taken in speaking the truth and reporting

RTNDA president Barbara Cochran said Bloom had been doing a "fantastic job."

The NBC Weekend Today anchor who volunteered to embed had become
arguably the most visible journalistic face of the war.

Broadcasting & Cable Editor P.J. Bednarski wrote
of him in a column two weeks ago, "It would be impossible not to single out
NBC's David Bloom, whose running commentary from a a convoy of the 3rd Infantry
moving up from southern Iraq was particularly eloquent and illuminating."

Recent reports bring to a dozen the number of journalists that have now died
in the Iraqi conflict.

That number includes the three additional deaths reported Tuesday -- two
killed and four injured in coalition tank fire at the Palestine Hotel and a
third killed in a coalition strike on the offices of Al-Jazeera, according to

Killed were Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk; Spanish Network Telecinco
cameraman Jose Couso, and Al-Jazeera reporter Tariq Ayoub.

The Pentagon said of the hotel strike that coalition forces were returning
fire and had "exercised their right of self defense."

According to Reuters, some journalists dispute the claim that the forces were
under fire from the building, which houses numerous journalists. Three other
Reuters staffers were also injured when the tank fire hit the news
organization's offices.

So far, nine broadcast and print journalists have been killed in action. In
addition to Protsyuk, Couso and Ayoub, the dead are BBC freelance cameraman
Kaveh Golestan; ITN correspondent Terry Lloyd; Australian Broadcasting cameraman
Paul Moran; El Mundo reporter Julio Anguita Parrado, German freelance
photographer Christian Liebig; and BBC translator Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed.

In addition, Americans Michael Kelly (Atlantic Monthly) and David
Bloom, and ITN foreign affairs correspondent Gaby Rado have died under noncombat
circumstances; Kelly in an auto accident, Bloom of a pulmonary embolism, and
Rado in an apparent fall from the roof of his hotel.

In addition, two polish journalists, one from Polish radio the other TV, were
reported missing after they were stopped by armed Iraqis at a checkpoint in
central Iraq, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

In addition, two members of Terry Lloyd's ITN crew, cameraman Fred Nerac and
translator Hussein Ossman, remain unaccounted for.