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NBC on Wednesday announced the long-rumored fourth hour of the Today show, which will launch in September.

NBC News chief Steve Capus said decisions on talent were still being made, but that he would like Al Roker and Anne Curry to be a part of the new hour.

“We absolutely would like to have them have the chance to do an interview or segment, as much as you see at nine o’clock,” he says.

Today host Matt Lauer said while brand dilution is a risk, he believes in the end the move will not damage the show.

“I have great confidence and I understand the reasons this is happening,” he says.

The move necessitates the relocation of Martha in markets including New York and Los Angeles, where both air at 10 a.m.

Elsewhere in daytime, NBC is looking at outlets for Passions, which will no longer air on the network.  Other networks, especially cable, as well as an online-only existence are possibilities, according to network entertainment president Kevin Reilly.