More HD Sets For Big Game, CEA Says

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More than 2.4 million HDTV sets will be sold due to Super Bowl XLII, says a research study conducted by trade group the Consumer Electronics Association and advocacy group Sports Video Group, generating $2.2 billion in wholesale sales.

The total effect on consumer-electronics retailers will probably be higher due to sales of HD-related accessories such as HDMI cables, universal remotes, surround-sound audio systems and mounting brackets.

The survey was based on an online national sample of 2,278 U.S. adults Jan. 14-21. It also found that 57% of HDTV owners plan to go online after the game to view highlights or replay commercials.

"We have long known that the Super Bowl influences HDTV unit sales," CEA Senior Director of Market Research Tim Herbert said in a statement. "We are now finding ties to other technologies consumers use to enhance their Super Bowl experience. This year, 18% of consumers expect to have a laptop nearby to check stats, IM [instant-message] with friends or check betting lines."