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Game Show Network adds two interactive programs

The Game Show Network this week adds two game shows with interactive elements, bringing the network's interactive offerings to 35 hours per week. The two programs, Friend or Foe
and Russian Roulette, join Greed
and Whammy!, all four making use of GoldPocket's EventMatrix interactive technology.

"We're going to try to build interactive components into all of our original shows from the get-go," says John P. Roberts, Game Show Network senior vice president, interactive and online programming.

Viewers can access the interactive content via PC or Mac computers or AOLTV, UltimateTV or MSNTV set-top boxes. The network says a number of cable and DBS operators have contacted it about bringing the interactivity to their subscribers. The deal between GoldPocket and the Game Show Network is for the entire run of the programs. "We provide everything other than the television video," says GoldPocket CEO Scott Newnam. "That's the tools, the interactive network it runs on, the response systems, coding, design, you name it."

The interactivity goes beyond programming. AT&T is sponsoring a sweepstakes during the first week of Russian Roulette. Viewers answer questions about the commercials for more entries in the contest.