More ‘Art of More’ at Crackle

Season two premieres Nov. 16

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The Art of More is back on Crackle for season two starting Nov. 16, with a fresh perspective from new showrunner Brendan Kelly. The drama, about shady doings in the rarified world of art auctions, ended season one in a “rough spot,” says Kelly, for main character Graham, with a number of frightful parties seeking their pound of flesh from him. “We said, let’s not have him run. Let’s have him turn into it,” says Kelly.

As with many sophomore seasons, Kelly promises a deeper dive into the characters. Sandrine Holt, formerly of House of Cards, joins the cast.

Kelly credits Crackle for its willingness to let producers take chances with their story lines and characters. He also relishes helping establish the Sony-owned digital platform as a place for the kind of scripted shows one might find on premium cable. “It’s a great opportunity to not just build an audience for the show,” he says, “but help build an audience for Crackle.”