Montana Station Faces $10K FCC Fine

KXLF TV Butte Failed to Keep Proper Public Records
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The Federal Communications Commission proposed fining KXLF TV Butte, Mont., $10,000 for failing to keep the proper public records.

In applying for a renewal of its license, the station volunteered to the FCC that it had not placed its TV issues/programs list in its public files for a five-year period (1998-2003). The station said it had since re-created the lists and filed them.

Broadcasters are required to make public a list of the programs on issues of public importance they have aired, per their requirement to broadcast in the public interest. As part of its license-renewal process, the FCC has fined or admonished -- an official black mark -- numerous stations for failing to maintain records on issues and children's-TV-rule compliance.

Stations will have to file even more documents to demonstrate their public service if the FCC approves proposed new rules on public-interest-reporting requirements. Public files will all have to be available online, as well.