Mobile Forum Drafts Code For TV Voting


The London-based Mobile Entertainment Forum, which last week adopted adopted a code of procedures for mobile participation in UK interactive TV contests, has drafted a similar code for the U.S.

The code, which has been posted on the forum's Web sitewould establish procedures for ensuring transparency in "participatory TV" operations, auditing procedures, and an "action plan" for addressing any problems and would apply to votes cast from mobile devices to shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, and others being added to fall schedules.

So-called P-TV is overseen by a regulatory body in Britain. Without a similar body in the U.S., the forum's execs argue, the U.S. needs adequate self-regulation to guard against "incidents that might damage the reputation of the industry.

The announcement came as the Mobile Entertainment Summit was getting underway in Universal city, Calif., where mobile entertainment execs are gathered for their annual convention.


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