MMTC, Rainbow/PUSH Push FCC to Act on Multilingual Warnings

Says it has been eight years and still no plan

The FCC has not done enough to protect Spanish-speaking viewers' access to information during and after emergencies.

That is according to the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council (MMTC), Rainbow/PUSH and others that are pushing the new FCC chairman to act on an advisory committee recommendation that the FCC "promptly" resolve any financial and technical hurdles to providing emergency alert warnings to non-English speakers.

That "prompt" advice was given over eight years ago following Hurricane Katrina, they point out, and six rounds of pleadings since have resulted in "no steps to ensure that multilingual emergency communications will be available during and after major emergencies," they point out to new FCC chairman Tom Wheeler in a letter dated Dec. 16.

"[W]e respectfully request the Commission to act immediately on the long-pending Katrina Petition," they wrote.

The letter follows meetings between MMTC executives and FCC officials last week to make the same point face to face.