Minorities say TV news is biased


TV news coverage of minorities too often is based on pre-conceived notions
and stereotypes, black and Hispanic leaders and broadcasters said Monday during
the National Association of Broadcasters annual Service to America summit.

Hugh Price, CEO of the National Urban League recalled an interview for a reporter's story on reparation to descent of American slaves. Price's view that reparations are the right thing but far down on list of issues important to black Americans was left out of the broadcast because it was not sensational enough he said. "In the African-American community your organization is expected to be loud and outrageous," he said.

Price said TV news often snub his group because it is not extreme, the Urban League's internal dynamics don't resemble soap operas and its leaders are not celebrities. Raul Yzaguirre, CEO of Hispanic think tank National Council of La Raza, recounted a similar slight when a TV crew called for a story about immigration. "When they found out we're not for open borders, they you're not extreme enough."
- Bill McConnell