Minorities grow in TV news, but not management

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Minorities' share of broadcast news jobs is the largest ever, but they are losing ground when it comes to newsroom management, the Radio-Television News Directors Association reported Friday.

Minorities now hold 24.6% of all jobs in TV news, up from 21% last year. At English-language TV newsrooms, minorities account for 21.8% of all jobs. In radio, minorities hold 10.7% of all news jobs, up from 10% a year ago. In news directors' ranks, however, the share of jobs held by minorities declined to 8% for TV, down from 14% a year ago. In radio minorities' share dropped from 6% to 4.4%.

The survey, conducted by Ball State University, found a similar trend for females. Women are holding ground in TV newsrooms generally with 39.7% of the jobs and gained ground in radio by climbing from 35% to 37.4%. However, female TV news directors account for 20.2% of the industry, down from 24%. Bucking the downward trend slightly, the share of women radio news directors climbed from 20% to 21%. "While the industry is making gains in many areas, there is a critical need for more minorities in management positions," said Barbara Cochran, RTNDA president.
- Bill McConnell