Miles O'Brien Returns To TV For PBS Series

'Blueprint America' to explore infrastructure in Denver, Portland and New York

Former CNN space and aviation correspondent Miles O'Brien is returning to television with a new documentary series from WNET, Blueprint America: A Tale Of Three Cities.
The series will examine the infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) of three very different cities, New York, Denver and Portland, Oregon and discuss what needs to be done to keep America competitive in the 21st century.

"Is all about getting into this issue of infrastructure, how the U.S. will rebuild itself essentially," O'Brien says. "The subject matter has really hit the zeitgeist, with the new administration, with the desire to improve on our infrastructure hand and glove with an economic stimulus package."

O'Brien, who left CNN in December when the network shut down its space, science and technology department, was approached by WNET soon thereafter to serve as anchor and correspondent for the series.

"The folks at channel 13 called me it seemed about 10 minutes after my departure hit the blogs," O'Brien says. "It was quite flattering, just as I was wondering ‘what's next?' there came this phone call. I guess sometimes there are good advantages to having a very public dismissal."