Michael J. Fox Defends Commercial


Michael J. Fox says he was not acting in political ads that show him rocking back and forth as he makes pitches for candidates who support embryonic stem cell research.

That came in an interview Thursday night with Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News.

Fox had been accused by radio host Rush Limbaugh of acting or exaggerating his Parkinson's symptoms for effect, a charge that became a several-day story on the national news. Limbaugh later said he would apologize if he was wrong about Fox.

Fox, who whose legs were visibly tremoring throughout the interview, told Couric that the rocking was a side-effect of his medication, something he said other Parkinson's patients readily recognized. But Fox also said he was glad stem cell research had become a big topic of conversation and that even if he had to take some lumps personally to put it there, he was happy to do so.

Couric also revealed after the interview that her father has Parkinson's.