Miami Herald Publisher Exits Post


Jesús Díaz Jr., publisher of the Miami Herald, has resigned in the wake of revelations that some reporters for co-owned Spanish-language paper El Nuevo Herald had been paid by the Bush administration for commentary on Radio and TV Marti, the U.S. broadcast services to Cuba.

The services, which broadcast news and views to Cuba, are administered by the Board of Governors, which is chaired by Ken Tomlinson.

Before leaving the paper, Diaz un-fired three staffers, saying the paper's policy on the payments was unclear.

According to the Herald, the two newsrooms were at odds over the issue, with some of the English-language journalists complaining that the staffers who had taken the payments were allowed back, while at El Nuevo Herald they were unhappy the staffers had been fired in the first place.

The paper's executives have now clarified the policy, telling staffers they now want written pre-approval for any paid or unpaid work outside of the job. They also said that reporters should not appear on Radio or TV Marti. The U.S. government is on one side, said the paper's top management, and the Miami Herald is on the other. The paper should not be using its expertise to further the government's mission, they said.

Six other newspaper staffers also were paid by the government-run broadcast service, Diaz said before exiting.