MGM Looking to Expand in Poland


What is "roar" in Polish?

MGM's lion is on the prowl in the former communist country, teaming with Poland's ITI Neovision Group to launch an MGM-branded channel.

The channel launches in December on direct-to-home satellite platform called, simply, n.  The channel will be available in standard and high-definition. ITI and MGM bill it as the first HD channel in the country.

Before the Soviet sphere was deflated, American TV was cited as one of the powerful propaganda tools by showing, when it could be smuggled in, how much better things were over here. But if the lineup of named library product slated for the channel is any indication, Poland will be getting a rather dark--if skillfully etched--picture of the U.S. It includes Raging Bull, Midnight Cowboy, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Coming Home, Network, and The Manchurian Candidate. And there will also be fare from Woody Allen.

MGM has branded channels in almost 120 countries, according to the company.