Meyers Exiting CNBC Prime Post


According to an internal e-mail, likely from CNBC President Mark Hoffman, Bob Meyers is being replaced as CNBC's prime time and weekend programming chief.

According to the e-mail, which was signed "Mark," Meyers will "transition from his Prime Time leadership role to assist me with a series of projects related to the execution of key business initiatives at CNBC."

A search has begun for a replacement, but in the interim, Susan Krakower will take over prime and weekend programing.

Last August, Meyers named Krakower to a program development position--she had shepherded The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

The e-mail praises Meyers for overseeing the development of Big Idea and Mad Money with Jim Cramer (another Krakower project), for his efforts in digital media and with, and as "a key player on the team that managed the on-time and on-budget construction of our new state of the art facility in Englewood Cliffs."

Meyers' goal had been to make the net's shows "a little edgy and irreverent"--Kramer's show certainly fills the bill--with an "entertainment veneer."

But prime time has had its troubles.
Back in May, Dennis Miller exited his weekday talk show. Miller had been on the net since January 2004, but the audience never got very large--100,000 viewers for example. Miller's exit followed closely that of Tina Brown, who ended her weekly prime time show, Topic A with Tina Brown, which got even weaker ratings, averaging about 75,000 viewers.