Mets: Cablevision Way Off Base


The New York Mets are calling Cablevision Systems Corp.'s attempt to block the move of Mets games to a new sports network "vindictive ... disingenuous ... baseless ... and meritless," and the team has pledged to "contest it vigorously."

Cablevision Wednesday filed suit against the move of the Mets games to a new regional sports net backed by Time Warner and Comcast, arguing that it violated Cablevision's existing agreement.

Saying Cablevision had not informed it of the planned suit, the Mets countered in a statement that under that agreement with Cablevision's MSG Network, either party could buy out of the deal for $54 million, which the Mets did in May, "and Cablevision publicly acknowledged that we had done so."

At the time, says the Mets, the team made no secret of its plans to shop its options for the rights. "this was no surprise to Cablevision, which had every opportunity to strike a deal with us. Having failed to do so, they chose to file a disingenuous and vindictive lawsuit."

The MSG allegations, it said, "have no factual support, and their legal claims are baseless."