Mel's Diner: Paul Buccieri, Anti-Pundit


Who: Paul Buccieri, president-CEO, Granada America
Where:Bel-Air Bar & Grill, Bel-Air, Calif. 
When: Monday, Oct. 27, 2008

The Dish: Everybody I meet in television knows Granada America President-CEO Paul Buccieri. His reputation as a top TV exec and producer, not to mention a genuine, standup guy, precedes him.

Buccieri’s not the kind of guy who is profiled to death, or who pops off in the press about every thought to cross his mind. Rather, he’s the rare person in this great business who you will generally see quoted only when there is an actual transaction for him to address (though he is becoming a familiar face on reality-TV power lists).

Call him an anti-pundit, and exactly the sort of brain I like to pick in confusing times like these.

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