Mel's Diner: Kevin Reilly's Recipe for a Do-Over

Fox's Kevin Reilly talks with B&C 's Melissa Grego for the return of Mel's Diner.

Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly spills about his experience at NBC and blowing up the network development process in the return of B&C executive editor Melissa Grego's dining-out franchise.

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Mel's Diner: Earley Rising

Fox Broadcasting COO Joe Earley, who came up through PR and marketing, reveals why the broadcaster is using counterintuitive strategies to change with the times

Dr. Phil

Mel's Diner: Advantage, McGraw

The top-rated talk-show host talks tennis, the ‘O’ factor, why he’s landing more newsmaker interviews and the one thing his latest ‘get’ inspired him to never, ever do again