Medium Enters Third Dimension

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Harking back to an a bygone cinematic era, the Nov. 21 episode of NBC's Medium will be shown in 3-D. In a promotion, TV Guide will distribute 3-D glasses in its Nov. 21 issue (count on Medium being featured on the cover).

Kevin Reilly, president, NBC Entertainment, says the 3-D broadcast will give Medium fans a chance “to enjoy a heightened perspective of Allison's intriguing visions.”

Medium executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron says he began exploring the possibility of doing a 3-D episode of a prime time series when he was working on Moonlighting. “Technology seems to have finally caught up with me,” he says. “[Directors] Jim Cameron, Robert Rodriguez and a host of other innovators have pushed the medium (you'll pardon the pun) into the 21st century, and our show and our viewers will be the beneficiaries of that. I think people will be surprised by how vivid and dynamic 3-D has become.”

Expect the storyline to take advantage of 3-D effects, but it will attempt to move beyond yo-yo tricks or creatures from the black lagoon. Allison (Emmy-award winner Patricia Arquette) notices there is an added dimension to the way she experiences art and 3-D images that pop out of the art lead her to believe the artist has a “deadly secret.”

Those who don’t pick up the issue of TV Guide will have to keep their eyes open on the streets for guerilla marketers from both NBC and TV Guide.