Media Reformers Meet in Memphis


Free Press has sent out invites to its 2007 Media Reform Conference.

The online activist group helped derail the 2003 FCC deregulatory media ownership rules with a massive e-mail campaign to drum up opposition to the rules.

We don't know whether they will be singing the consolidation blues, but the third biennial conference--the first two were 2003 and 2005--will be held in Memphis on Jan. 12-14, 2007

Scheduled attendees include FCC Democrats Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein (both of whom voted against the 2003 rules) joining other veteran media consolidation critics including Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Jesse Jackson, and Bill Moyers.

Moyers delivered a stem-winder of a keynote at the 2005 conference that equated the fight against "Big Media" as the struggle for the very heart and soul of democracy.