Media Matters Wants Advertisers to 'Drop Fox'

Website asks Orbitz Worldwide to pull spots from news channel

Media Matters for America, the nonprofit progressive research
group dedicated to "correcting conservative misinformation," has launched a new
campaign urging advertisers, beginning with Orbitz Worldwide, to pull their spots
on Fox News Channel, wrote
the Hollywood Reporter.

Following the group's effort to boycott Glenn Beck's
television show, the website announced its campaign to urge
advertisers to stop financially supporting the network. Its first target,
Orbitz Worldwide, which was supposedly chosen for its support of the LGBT
community, is prominently located with a link to a letter addressed to CEO
Barner Harford, asking to pull the company's ads, based upon alleged comments
by hosts Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee regarding same-sex marriage.

Media Matters' Beck campaign announced its success through
a series of charts and data representing a loss of advertisers despite his high
ratings; Beck has denied this claim on his radio show.

Fox News is no stranger to Media Matters' campaigns,
although it seems that is the group's most coordinated effort to pressure
Fox News into becoming a "responsible news network," as the website proclaims.