Media Matters Accepts Murdoch Challenge


Media activist Media Matters for America has taken up Rupert Murdoch's challenge to find bias in Fox News Channel.

Media Matters President David Brock wrote Murdoch Wednesday after the News Corp Chairman said in an interview in World Screen Magazine: "we challenge anyone to show FOX News has any bias in it."

Pointing out that Media Mattes has been monitoring Fox and other new organizations for the past year, Brock included references in the letter to more than a dozen examples of what the group claims were bias, under the categories of imbalance, unfairness and inaccuracy.

Brock then issued a counter-challenge to Murdoch: "I suggest submitting these examples to a mutually-agreed-upon panel for review. Let’s let a neutral body, rather than the CEO of Fox News’ parent company, decide if Fox News “has any bias in it.”

The letter and links to the examples were posted Wednesday on