Media Institute Opposes New Indecency Regs


The Media Institute didn't like what it saw in the Senate Commerce Committee's day-long indecency hearing last week.

The institute, the media company-funded First Amendment think tank, released a statement from President Patrick Maines in which he opposed any attempts to extend indecency regs to cable or satellite and asked it to rethink bills that would step up FCC enforcement and dramatically increase fines.

Maines said trying to regulate pay media "would have serious First Amendment implications and almost certainly be found unconstitutional."

"It appears that Congress remains all too willing to regulate the content of television and radio programming in ways that exceed current law and that raise serious First Amendment concerns," he said.

Also signing the letter were a dozen members of the institute's First Amendment advisory council including First Amendment attorneys Floyd Abrams and Robert Corn-Revere; Lucy Dalglish of The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press; columnist Nat Hentoff; and Adonis Hoffman of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.